Patti Proulx

Move-In Coordinator

With 30+ years of experience in customer service, sales and support, Patti has a deep understanding of how to meet people’s needs. She helped research and place both her parents and mother-in-law in a senior living community; in fact her mother’s decline during Covid was the catalyst for Patti wanting to make her senior living experience the best is could be. Now as Move-In Coordinator, she is helping make that happen for families every day.

“I love meeting each and every resident and their family members, and hearing their stories, as well as learning what is truly important to them,” says Patti. Each of Solera’s core values is important to Patti, but she particularly gravitates to commitment. “You have to commit to compassion, good communication, and creativity to be successful in senior living.”

Free time for Patti might be spent running, hiking, bicycling, and spending time with friends. A perfection vacation is anywhere with her fantastic husband, as well as her son and daughter who live in Colorado. She also has a keen interest in researching short-term rental properties, and how she can make them even better.