Amy Ford

Director of Sales and Marketing

If you happen to pass Amy in the halls of The Reserve, don’t be surprised if you hear her whistling the theme from Gilligan’s Island—to the tune of Amazing Grace.

She perfected this talent as a child while attending church camp and vowed if she ever competed in the Miss America pageant, it would be her talent. She’s glad to say that never happened, as she’s very content to share her true talents and 30 years of broad sales experience with other team members at Solera Senior Living.

“I love the idea of Solera’s team approach to facing the challenges of aging,” says Amy. “As Director of Sales and Marketing, I work with our Sales Counselor and Move-In-Coordinator as a team to assist families in finding the right solution for their loved one. It takes a village!”

Amy has lived in Round Rock since 2000 and has three daughters. She’s a “sucker for a chick flick,” enjoys hiking, going to the movies and laughter. “Laughter is the medicine of the soul,” she says.

And if you’d like to hear her version of the Gilligan’s Island theme, just offer her a Diet Coke. She’ll be happy to oblige.